We know that traffic can be tight. There are parkers who will help you find a place to park. If you are a first time visitor we have a special parking place for you. Please inform the parking attendants when you arrive.

• If you have children to drop off before service, please ask a greeter as you enter the doors to escort you to the child care facilities. Quality nursery, preschool and children’s Bible teaching programs are available in a safe and secure environment. We take the safety and security of your child very seriously.

Worship Service

In order to limit distractions during services, here are a few helpful hints to help you out. We hope your first visit goes beyond your expectations and that you will come back and make Mountain View your church home.

• Please be courteous and silence or turn off all phones.
• Mountain View has a great children’s program. Take advantage of our programs and drop your children off at their age appropriate classes.
• To be considerate of others, we ask everyone to remain seated until the end of service. Leaving the service early to beat traffic usually causes a disturbance during the service. Plus, you might miss something important that God had planned for you.
• If you are a first-time visitor, we do not expect you to participate in the offering. Mountain View depends on its members and regular attendees for giving and to keep the ministry growing.
• Please fill out the first time visitor information in your bulletin and place it in the offering plate at the end of the service.

What Should I Wear at Mountain View? 

Dress comfortably. Some people dress up, but most wear casual and comfortable clothes. Don’t worry about your dress – you’ll feel at home no matter how casual you may be dressed.

What Can I Expect In Worship? 

In our worship services we aim to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to openly worship. Therefore you may experience more music and singing than you are accustomed to, both old and new. Enjoy the worship time – stand, sit, go to the altar to pray, or whatever makes you more comfortable in the presence of the Lord. There is no incorrect posture for worship, just have a surrendered heart and expect to meet God.

Our motto is “Exalting Christ and Sharing His Love”. We do that both individually as well as when we come together corporately

Ways to Get Involved.

There are many exciting things to get involved with at Mountain View. Most activities are age specific. Please check out our VOLUNTEER page to see how you and your loved ones can become part of what Gods doing at Mountain View.